iOS 16 Announce at WWDC 2022: Check All New Features

iOS 16 Announce all features

WWDC 2022 iOS 16: Apple made several software announcements during its annual developer conference, WWDC 2022. iOS 16 is the major update to the iPhone’s software from the Cupertino-based tech company.

iOS 16 includes some useful features, such as improvements in the social aspects of Messages and wallpaper-related customisations. This will allow users to use widgets on lock screens for first time. These are the changes Apple has made to iOS 16 and how they will impact your user experience.

Apple iOS 16 – What’s New?

Lock screen widgets

Apple introduced home screen widgets on iOS two years ago, with iOS 14. A new feature on iOS 16 allows users to create wallpapers using embedded widgets. These widgets can be viewed directly from the lock screen, allowing for quick access to information such as missed calls, text notifications, and upcoming alerts.

Long-pressing on a lock screen will allow users to access the customisation options immediately. Users can swipe sideways to select from different templates. To modify colours or other parameters, further tap on the elements of a template.

Live Activities and a new notification center

iOS 16 also introduces a new notification centre, which is the largest update to this area since iOS 12. Notifications for apps now come from the bottom, and can be hidden. You can pin notifications to Live Activities, which transforms them into interactive widgets. This is possible for notifications coming from apps such as Apple TV. Developers can also create their own interactive notifications using the Live Activities API. These notifications can be pinnable.

Apple allows you to use Focus Filters in apps such as Safari, Calendar, and some communication apps. This will help you to focus on the key elements and ignore all the rest to avoid clutter.

Users can activate their Focus by simply swiping to the Lock Screen. Focus filters allow apps such as Calendar, Mail and Messages to display only relevant content to the user’s Focus. This helps them find better balance.

iCloud shared photos

The new feature, which is separate from iCloud, allows up to five people contribute to a shared library. This will allow everyone involved in a weekend trip to have all the best photos. When you share photos with others, users can also share them intelligently. Each user will see the shared photos in their Memories and Featured Photo.

Messages app

Apple has added three important features to Messages. First, you can edit messages you have already sent. Users can also undo a message that has been sent, but without leaving behind any residue such as WhatsApp. Users can also mark unread messages as unread using the final feature, similar to what you can do on email.

New Tools to Mail

iOS 16 allows users to schedule emails in advance and cancel delivery of messages before they reach the recipient’s inbox. Mail now detects missing components in emails, such as attachments, and informs the user.

Live text gets video support, visual look up improvements

Live text has been improved to allow you to pause any video frame and interact with text on the screen. This is similar to what you could do with photos. Apple has also revealed a Live Text API to developers, which will allow them to create similar apps.

Visual Look Up now allows you to grab images of animals and birds, making them stickers that you can drag-and-drop in apps like Messages.

Apple Wallet gets new features

A new Pay Later feature is available in the Wallet app for iOS 16. It allows Apple Pay users to use a secure and seamless credit service that splits the cost of Apple Pay purchases into four equal payments that can be made over the next six months. Users can access the Wallet app to view remaining payments and information.

The new Order Tracking feature allows Apple Pay users to get detailed receipts and track orders right from their Wallet app.

iOS 16 adds support for keys, IDs and Wallet apps. This app can store proof of age verification and identity. Users can also securely share their house, hotel, office and car keys with Wallet via messaging apps such as Messages, Mail and others.


Apple’s next-generation CarPlay integrates with a vehicle’s hardware and offers content for multiple screens embedded in the vehicle.

The new CarPlay will allow users to instantly render information such as remaining fuel, temperature, and speed on a CarPlay dashboard. This will also allow for customisation of the various gauges.


iOS 16 allows Apple users to jump into SharePlay directly from FaceTime and Messages. SharePlay in Messages allows users to view content in perfect sync.

Improved transcription

iOS 16 also features new improvements to Dictation, which allows users to dictate text in real time instead of typing. You can now switch seamlessly between typing and dictating. You can also replace typed text by dictated text, and many other capabilities.

Apple Maps

Apple’s redesigned Maps app has been launched in 11 additional countries. The updated app features improved 3D visuals and many new features. Multistop routing allows Maps to store up to 15 stops along a route, while Siri can add stops while driving. Transit allows users to see the cost of public transport fare. MapKit, a tool for developers, will make it easier to integrate apps with Maps. A new lookaround feature provides a 360-degree POV image that users can scroll through to get a more detailed view of a place.

Apple News gets My Sports

Apple News now supports deeper integration with multiple sports. Users will receive a personalized feed with updates from teams and sports that they follow. The service is only available in four countries, while India is not yet on the list.

Improved Parental Controls

Apple has added a number of parental control features to make it easier to set up a new device with parental controls. You can also do things like increase screen time for your child without going into the settings.

Safety Check

Safety Check, a new privacy feature in iOS 16, is designed to help domestic abuse victims. This feature allows users to cut all ties with abusive members (e.g., location sharing and access to messages). Users can also manage who has access to the feature.

What iPhone models will receive the iOS 16 update?

All iPhones launched after the iPhone 8 will have iOS 16 available, including the iPhone 8. This includes all iPhones in the number-series, as well as the iPhone XR as well as all three versions of the iPhone SE. Apple will soon release iOS 16 beta via the Apple Developer Program. A stable update is expected for all supported devices later in the year.


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