Addison Rae Has Deleted A Photograph of Herself in a "Blasphemous" And "Disrespectful" "Holy Trinity" Bikini After Receiving a ton of Backlash

The fans are now calling on the company behind the famous "blasphemous" bikini to shut the entire website down 

After spotting a collection of Christian-themed clothes that were being sold on their website. 

Addison Rae has sparked a backlash following her posting an image of herself wearing an outfit that was deemed by fans to be "disrespectful" and "blasphemous."

Addison 21, who is 21 years old, shared an image of herself in the clothing company Praying's "Holy Trinity" bikini on Tuesday.

The bikini is currently available via Praying's website the bikini you're looking at costs $100.

The top has an inscription that reads "Father" on one side and "Son" on the other and the bottom is ascribed, "Holy Spirit."

While the photo showed her upper portion, a number of Instagram users immediately dubbed the outfit "disrespectful" and "messed up" in their comments, according to Page Six..

"Nah this is disrespectful to Jesus. What a shame what you're doing for cash," one person wrote. "This isn't okay! SCREAM!" added another.