Kate Moss live Update

Kate Moss, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s is likely to be called as a witness rebuttal for his legal counsel 

An insider familiar with Depp has confirmed Moss along with Depp are still close each other to this day. 

Depp has filed a lawsuit against Heard in a $50-million lawsuit, alleging that an article she wrote for The Washington Post defamed him 

she claims that the piece (which did not reference his name was falsely portraying Heard as a sexy abuser. 

Heard that he has been sued by Depp with a claim of $100,000, claiming that statements made by his lawyer 

Heard has admitted on the stand that she was immediately thinking about rumors about Moss at the time. 

“He swung at Whitney, and I’d heard a rumor, a vague rumor, about that,” Heard in testimony the 17th of May. 

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