5 Ways to Download Pinterest Videos On Phone and PC

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Pinterest is a fantastic platform to discuss innovative ideas across diverse fields, whether it’s photography, design or fashion, memes or any other type of nerd there is something for anyone. The site’s waterfall design allows for continuous scrolling until you come across something that can satisfy your creative desire. However, the site does not offer a method to download a video. Therefore, in this post, we’ll review the top methods you can download Pinterest videos to your smartphone or on your PC.

How can I Download YouTube Videos?

The downloading of Pinterest-inspired images is easy. All you need to do is select to the download image option in the app or select it as a Save Image option within your web browser. However, this isn’t the case with videos. For instance, you may appreciate a Pinterest video, but you are dissatisfied that the site doesn’t allow users to download the video. Don’t worry, because we’ve come up with five effective ways to accomplish this.

Downloader Video for Pinterest

The best method to download the Pinterest Video is through YouTube’s Video Downloader in the Pinterest Application, as this is among the easiest methods for downloading Pinterest video.

1. Install the Video Downloader on the Pinterest app and then launch it.

2. Now, paste your URL into the box for URL.

3. Select the Download option to download the video to your smartphone. The video will be downloaded within about a minute, based on the size of the file and the speed of your internet. All  Downloader Video

Another option you could make use of can be another option is the All Video Downloader, it is among the most well-known video downloaders online. This is how you can make use of the program to download Pinterest Videos.

1. You can download All Video Download on your PC.

2. Copy the URL to that Pinterest video you would like to download.

3. Now, choose the resolution and format you’d like to when downloading the video then click the Download Now option to download the Pinterest movie offline.

Make use of PintoDown to download Pinterest videos

The third option can be to save videos downloaded from Pinterest using the online PintoDown downloader. The interface on the website is clean and simple to use. Here’s how you can get the latest Pinterest videos:

1. Go to the PintoDown website with the browser you prefer. Copy the URL to your Pinterest video you wish to download. Click the Download button in the text field

3. Wait for a couple of seconds, and it will create an download link. Click download to store your file.

Video Pinterest

Another alternative similar to PintoDowns to download Pinterest content quickly can be Pinterest Video. It’s an online tool that allows you to download many Pinterest content kinds, including pictures, GIFs, and videos. This is how you can download videos from Pinterest Video:

1. Go to Pinterest Video. 1. Visit Pinterest Video website using your internet browser. Enter the video’s URL in the URL box and click”Download”.

2. Allow the processing to finish, and then you will be able to select the Download button to finish the procedure.

Downloader Video Plus

It is also possible to download Pinterest Videosusing an extension. One extension that can be used includes Video Downloader Plus. Here’s how to use it:

1. Install the Video Downloader Plus extension within the browser you use.

2. Tap on the thumbnail of the video, which will take you to the video’s unique Pinterest webpage.

3. Select the Video Downloader Plus extension available in the list of current Chrome extensions. Wait some time until it recognizes the video’s content. Click the Download premium button to proceed.

4. Select the download quality and select the Download option to proceed.

Wrapping Up: Download Pinterest Videos

Pinterest is an amazing platform for individuals who are ingenuous to share their thoughts and ideas with others. When you download the videos to use offline and enhance your productivity to the next level and make sure you are able to use the ideas to make something valuable.

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