Top 3 Ways to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen

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Do you desire the ability to view Instagram messages privately and without alerting the other person? However, what about Instagram? There are techniques to view WhatsApp messages without being visible. It doesn’t allow you to hide read receipts as WhatsApp does. However, there are a few ways to observe Instagram DMs without reading them. Check out how to use Instagram’s dark mode on all devices if you use the app at night.

Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Marking them as Seen

Instagram DMs can be accessed in a number of ways without sending read receipts. You can disable your internet, employ third-party services, or even use Instagram’s restrict feature. Read every technique in detail below.

Method 1- Read Instagram Messages Without Seen by Restricting

Instagram added a restriction tool in 2019 to stop bullying on the platform. Instagram hides a user’s comments on your posts from other users when you limit them, and their messages are transferred to the requests area. Here’s additional information on Instagram restriction.

Reading requests’ messages no longer marks them as seen. Never reveal to the other person that you have read their message. So, restricting the other person and then looking at the messages in the requests section is a simple approach to reading Instagram direct messages without being visible, as shown below:

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Head to the person’s profile whose direct messages you want to read without marking them as seen.

3. Click the three-dot menu at the top right corner. Select Restrict from the available options.

4. Click on Restrict Account to confirm.

5. Now, click the Message button on the person’s profile.

Now you may view every Instagram message privately without alerting the other party. You can unrestrict them by returning to their profile. You still have time to answer, and the messages won’t be marked as read.

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Method 2- Turn Off Wifi/ Data to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

One of the simplest ways to read any Instagram message without registering it as seen is to turn off the internet. For pictures or movies, it does not, however, function effectively. Also, as soon as you get back online, the messages will be recognised as read.

1. Make your phone offline by disabling the WiFi or mobile data connection.

2. Now, go to Instagram’s direct messages tab. Read the received message.

3. Next, Android users can go to their phone’s Settings > Apps > Instagram > Force Stop it so that it no longer runs in the background.

Until you open the Instagram app, the message won’t be marked as seen when you return to the internet. I advise iPhone users to wait to respond to the message until they are prepared to do so. Because it will be marked as read the moment you log on to the internet.

Method 3- Disable Internet & Log Out to Secretly Read Instagram Message

This trick and the one above are extremely similar. If you accidently go online or Instagram connects to the internet in the background, the message won’t be marked as seen. This is how it goes:

1. Disable your phone’s mobile data or WiFi connection to make it offline.

2. Open the Instagram direct message you want to read secretly.

3. While offline, go to Instagram Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Log Out.

4. OR, you can directly clear the Instagram app’s data from your phone’s settings.

5. You will now be logged out of the Instagram app.

6. You can now connect back to the internet- the message won’t be marked as read.

On iPhone or iPad

On iOS, Instagram messages show up as distinct notifications. After receiving several messages, you can enlarge the notice by tapping the message stack to view all the Instagram direct messages. If there is only one message, be careful not to press because doing so will launch the Instagram app and mark the message as read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Read Instagram Direct Message Without Marking Them As Seen?

Several of the aforementioned techniques can be used to view direct messages on Instagram without identifying them as seen or read. Utilizing Instagram’s restriction tool is the simplest method. However, there are other methods you can employ, such as turning off the internet, signing out after reading the DM or depending on a third-party service.

Q. How Do Others Know if You Have Read Their Instagram Message?

Instagram doesn’t display any checkmarks to indicate that a message has been read. Instead, it displays “Seen,” which becomes visible once the message has been read or opened. The other person can then verify whether you have actually read their communication or not.

These were some easy methods for seeing or reading Instagram direct messages on Android and iPhone without marking them as seen. I’m hoping this makes it possible for you to listen in on discussions without alerting the other party and gives you enough time, if you’re busy, to answer. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. Watch this space for more how-tos, tips, and tricks.

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